Positive support for a national voice for PCPs

An exploratory meeting to discuss the possibility of establishing a national association for PCPS was organised by Frontline Consulting and hosted by our sponsors, Grant Thornton, in London on 21 February 2017.

At our conference in 2016, PCPs expressed an interest in forming an Association of PCPs in order better to be represented to the Home Office, the Welsh Government and others. They were aware that the Association of PCCs exists and is resourced for specific roles, and thought it would be useful for the PCPs to form a similar association better to engage with the APCC and further to increase PCP effectiveness.

Given our long-standing and wide-ranging work in the sector and our existing relationships with nearly all of the PCPs, Frontline Consulting convened a meeting last Friday, with the support of Grant Thornton, in order to explore possible ways forward.

Thirty seven members and officers from 25 PCPs attended; interest had been expressed by a further three Panels who had sent apologies. Only three PCPs have advised that they are not interested in joining an APCP at this stage. 

A steering group of members and officers was formed at last week’s meeting to draft a proposal to be sent to all PCPs for consideration, comment and decision. 

In summary, the emphasis in the discussions was on:

  • having a simple, inexpensive and non-bureaucratic structure
  • engaging members and officers 
  • focusing on representations on behalf of PCPs and 
  • providing a mechanism to consult on and agree common positions to feed through to the Home Office, the Welsh Government, the APCC and others.

In the discussions last Friday, it was considered that there are existing opportunities for networking and learning and development, which would not need to be part of the work of an APCP.

Following the meeting, we have written to a number of organisations in the sector to advise them of this initiative and already have had a positive response from the APCC, who will be interested to work with an APCP.

Published: 22 February 2017

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