Training and Development Sessions

9 October 2019 - Nottinghamshire PCP 

Workshop for the Panel, PCC and CC with a focus on scrutiny of performance, including a visit to the Force HQ. Feedback was given on the meeting held on 23 Sept.  

27 September 2019 - Avon and Somerset PCP

Workshop on the role of the Panel for new and continuing members. 

23 September 2019 - Nottinghamshire PCP 

Workshop on the role of the Panel for new and continuing members, followed by observation of the panel meeting.

10 September 2019 - Sussex PCP 

Workshop on the role of the Panel for new and continuing members. 

6 August 2019 - Essex PFCP

Workshop on the role of the Panel for new and continuing members. 

4 July 2019 - Humberside PCP

Workshop on the role of the Panel for new and continuing members. 

3 June 2019 - Devon and Cornwall PCP 

Workshop on the role of the Panel for new and continuing members. 

June 2019 - Dorset PCP POSTPONED UNTIL January 2020

An induction and refresher session is due to be held for the PCP.

28 May 2019 - Bedfordshire PCP

Induction and planning event.

29 Aprll 2019 - South Yorkshire PCP

Joint session with PCP and OPCC to discuss arrangements and future direction.  

30 January 2019 & 5 Februrary 2019 - Avon and Somerset PCP

Facilitation of a development day on initiatives around the Govrernment's Serious Violence strategy with evidence sessions from a range of stakeholders, followed by the Panel's challenge session on the theme in its Panel meeting with the PCC on the 5 Feb, in anticipation of her refresh of her Police and Crime Plan.

30 January 2019 - Cambridgeshire PCP

Provision of an induction session (as there had been a lot of changes in membership) with emphasis on work programing and preparing key lines of enquiry. This was followed with a faciltated, stock take and future directon session. We also observed the PCP meeting with  feedback. 

18 January 2019 - West Yorkshire PCP

Following quite a significant change in membership an induction session was held. There was a particular focus on two key tasks around complaints and link member roles and the development of a questioning strategy in preparation for the Panel’s meeting on the PCC’s proposed precept and budget. Following the seminar, a report with the KLOEs for the Panel’s meeting and recommendations for Panel development were provided.

16 November 2018 - Thames Valley PCP

Observation, reflections and feedback on a PCP session followed by a review and development seminar.

19 October 2018 - Staffordshire Police, Fire and Crime Panel (PFCP)

This provided learning and development, covering the Panel's new responsibilities around fire and rescue. The Panel reviewed its previous activity, explored how to develop its work programme including around its new duties and addressed challenges it might face with the expanded remit.

6 July 2018 - Hampshire PCP

Following earlier scene setting from the PCC we looked at options and methods for undertaking a review. 

28 Jun 2018 - Cambridgeshire PCP

In a highly participative session we considered confirmation hearings and discussed options for undertaking a review.

18 Apr 2018 - South Yorkshire PCP awayday

We looked at work programming and supported the Panel to assess their journey to date and explore how they could draw on best practice to progress further.   

19 Mar 2018 – Dyfed Powys PCP

This session explored regional collaboration and work programming. There was an interesting discussion about rural policing and it might be helpful for us to look at rural policing in more detail in the not too distant future. Please do get in contact if you are interested.

8 Dec 2017 - Dorset PCP review and development seminar

We worked with colleagues in Dorset PCP to build on the Five Point Action Plan we had helped them to develop in 2016.

10 Oct 2017 - Cambridgeshire PCP review and development seminar

This was a seminar arranged to enable panel members and substitutes to refresh their understanding of their roles and responsibilities, to focus on the added value of scrutiny and to develop new ways of working, as well as learning from other panels. There also was an opportunity to meet with the OPCC about working together.

02 Oct 2017 - Seminar for new support officers 

This session was held to provide the opportunity for new support officers to meet with each other and to receive advice from a support officer who has worked with a panel from inception. An introduction to the powers and responsibilities of PCPs and skills required were also considered.   

27 Sep 2017 - Hampshire and Thames Valley PCP

The purpose of this session was to enable the Panels to reflect and take stock. Looking at developments across the country, the Panels considered how they might look to adapt.

26 Sep 2017 - West Mercia PCP

With a number of new members the session provided a refresher on the roles and responsibilities of PCPs and enabled some reflection on work prioritisation as well time to consider how the panel might tackle new and emerging challenges.

18 Sep 2017 - Cumbria PCP

With a relatively panel membership, an induction was held combined with a self-assessment of activity to date was held. The session drew on the experience of existing panel members as well as best practice from up and down the country.

Published: 17 November 2019

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